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Faster auditing.
Fewer accidents.

Lifting the language and literacy barriers to Workplace Health & Safety

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How can you be sure that everyone who completes your WH&S audit understands it?

If they don’t and an accident happens, is it their fault or yours?

WH&S is lost in translation when members of your team have difficulty understanding English, or have poor literacy levels when it comes to filling in documents.

Talk 5 is changing the game for digital auditing, inspections, surveys and checklists, by allowing your field workers to complete them in their preferred language, and via voice & audio features.

Discover the app that’s trusted by WH&S professionals across Australia.

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A WH&S tool that makes sure no-one slips through the cracks.

We believe that everyone, no matter their English language or literacy proficiency, has the right to be safe at work.

Learn how Talk 5 is revolutionising workplaces across Australia.

Save hours of paperwork, $1000’s in efficiencies & make each project 10 x easier.

Tap into your talent pool

Delivering instructions through your worker’s own language, allows you to expand their role and increase the value of your team.

No more ticking boxes

Quickly create different checklists & edit questions. Ensure audit accuracy and that your workers aren’t becoming complacent.

Hands-free to do the job in...hand

How can you fill in paperwork with one hand on the ladder? Audio & voice data capture leaves hands free to perform the audit; no risk.

"Our business is operating more efficiently. We’ve streamlined paperwork, staff can complete audits quickly and without struggling, and our cultural diversity has leveled. The biggest improvement to WH&S I’ve seen in many years."

George Harb, MD

Kool Water Plumbing Services

Who's it for?

Talk 5 is the powerful tool behind every team required to record and report information, as part of their job.

Construction & Trade

Emergency Services


Transport & Logistics


Workplace Health & Safety just became a lot more interesting.

Completing checklists.

Applying for permits.

Flagging hazards.

Talk & text messaging between your team.

Full workflow management integration.

Talk 5 is your eyes and ears in the field and your right hand man in the office, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.


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Are my details safe?+
Talk 5 takes your privacy seriously. All data is handled in accordance to The Privacy Act 1988, covering;
  • Collection
  • Use and Disclosure
  • Information quality and security
  • Openness
  • Access and correction
  • Identifiers
  • Anonymity
  • Transborder data flows
  • Sensitive Information
I forgot my login details+
Follow the steps at the Talk 5 'forgot your details' link. We will be able to identify you through your unique email address registered with Talk 5.
How can I delete or deactivate my account?+
Send us an email to support@talk5.audio with your request and one of our team members will action that for you.
I’ve downloaded the app but can’t log in.+
You need to register and set up your account on the website first. Once you have registered, you will be provided with a username and password, which you can use to log into the app.

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